Let’s talk about being a student

Let’s talk about being a student

This topic sparked after a conversation I had with a friend earlier, being a student feels like a very weird in between stage. I am an adult, I moved out of my parents house, I manage my own finances and look after myself. Yet sometimes it is blatantly obvious I’m not taken as seriously as I should be because I am a student. This conversation was mainly focused around estate agents as we both felt they take complete advantage of students, obviously this is a completely biased opinion, however I know it isn’t only us that feel this way.

This is my fourth year of being a university student, I’ve lived independently for all of that time yet I can’t help but still feel like people treat me like a teenager sometimes. Why does it matter that I’m in full time education compared to a full time job? Majority of people I know at university also work part time, and although they have student finance, they support themselves financially as much as possible. I know this opinion doesn’t apply to everyone, and lots of people don’t view university students differently to adults but there is definitely a stigma around them. 

It also doesn’t just apply to what people think of us, I know other people have felt similarly to me, these past few years have been a continuous cycle of freaking out about my life plan and working out what job would be suited to me. It’s a time that people constantly tell you to enjoy, and I’m sure when I am older I will look back and miss this time, however it also feels like a very important, scary time where I have to make so many decisions when I barely know what I want for dinner. Maybe that’s why people hold a stigma around students, it really comes down to jealousy of missing that time of their life. 

This whole period has been a confusing time of working out what I’m doing with my life, and the more I muddle through it, I notice everyone feels the same and you just have to not think to much about it. 

See you next time pals x